Year 1

In Year One, we build on the foundational skills of school and work on developing greater independence and responsibility.

Our focus in Year 1 will be on getting our students to:

  • use our knowledge of phonograms to sound out unfamiliar words
  • read books and discuss what they have read or viewed with other students, teachers or family members
  • explore and discuss comprehension strategies that good readers use, such as predicting and making connections
  • develop correct letter formation using Manuscript style
  • use our knowledge of phonograms to spell words accurately
  • experiment with using punctuation, such as capital letters and full stops and question marks   
  • students apply their Speaking and Listening skills during our weekly ‘Star of the Week’ session.  They take turns to present to the class, who give thoughtful feedback and ask questions



Our focus in Year 1 is getting our students to:

  • describe number sequences, locate numbers on a number line and develop an understanding of place value
  • introduce the four operations +, -, x, ÷
  • represent simple fractions
  • learn about Australian coins
  • begin to describe 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes
  • and use units to measure
  • learn to tell the time from an analogue clock, and use a calendar to determine the date
  • describe the outcome of a chance event
  • collect and investigate data collected from simple problems
  • solve simple worded problems



Students learn about people, places and how things work, they make sense of their world, and develop history, geography and science knowledge and skills.

Themes we will cover this year include:


  • The Best I Can Be – personal strengths and learning how to interact positively with others
  • Creepy, Crawly Critters – looking at bugs and the important role they play in our world
  • Wild and Wacky Weather – learning about the weather and how it impacts on our lives
  • One Country, Many Faces – celebrating the cultural diversity of Australia

In Year 1, we encourage our students to enjoy reading and listening to lots of different stories. We encourage your child to read every night and record this in their Home Reading Journal. Weekly Spalding spelling lists are sent home to give students a chance to practise the words and language rules they are learning.  

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