Visual Art

Every student at Great Ryrie has the opportunity to work in a very spacious and well equipped Art Room for one 50 minute session each week. The Visual Arts program aims at providing students with the opportunity to explore, make and respond to art through interaction with a range of techniques and materials. Students engage in a wide range of media including drawing, painting, ceramics, textiles, collage, printmaking and construction.

In the Art Room they

  • explore concepts and develop ideas
  • are regularly called upon to use critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills
  • are exposed to different cultures and traditions
  • develop critical awareness by reflecting on the impact that art has both locally and globally
  • investigate, analyse and interpret art from the past and present
  • improve confidence through regular practice
  • work in a positive environment that encourages their self-expression and allows for personal reflection
  • are encouraged to take risks and feel free to invent new ways of thinking

When appropriate art studies are linked to classroom investigations in order to enhance the unit of work and highlight the links between the arts and everyday life.

Students from Years 3 -6 are invited to join Art Club which is an opportunity to further extend skills and explore materials or work together on exciting projects. This program runs at lunchtimes.

Our annual Art Show gives every student the opportunity to exhibit their work for friends and family to see. Exhibiting work is an important part of the creative process and fosters students’ self-esteem. During the course of the year student work is displayed in the school corridors for our community to see and celebrate.

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