Performing Arts

Students from Foundation to Year 6 enjoy a holistic Performing Arts program encompassing music, drama, dance and media. All students have a 50 minute lesson each week with a Performing Arts Specialist.

Our classroom is exceptionally well resourced, allowing children access to a variety of instruments and materials to support their exploration and engagement with the Performing Arts. Great emphasis is placed on growing the children's confidence and interpersonal skills through an interactive and supportive learning environment. 

All students in Years 1 - 6 learn the recorder. Learning the recorder assists children enormously in developing the ability to read music. Learning an instrument is also beneficial to a child’s academic progress.

The following is a list of equipment needed to run this program purchased by our students through the school to bring to their Performing Arts lessons each week.

  • Recorder – the one available through the school is the Yamaha Descant Recorder.
  • Recorder Cleaner
  • Recorder Book – the book that we use is called ‘Black Belt Recorder’ – Book 1.
  • Music bag to keep recorder, sheet music and recorder book together.
  • An A4 display folder – this will be used to keep additional photocopied music. 

Every second year, all students at Great Ryrie Primary School are involved in staging a full scale, musical production. During Performing Arts lessons, children learn the lyrics, melody and choreography to a class song. Senior students are given the opportunity to audition, rehearse and perform lead roles in our production. The community come together to source and construct costumes, props and set for the students to use. Production offers all students a chance to perform on stage for their family and friends and it is a highlight of our Performing Arts program.

Children at GRPS have the opportunity to learn an instrument in a program provided by qualified instrumental music teachers who specialise in teaching specific instruments. 
Students will have fun whilst learning to play their chosen instrument, read music and learn theory.

Read about the benefits of learning music:
ABC show Don't Stop The Music examines what learning an instrument can do for a child's brain development


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