Our School Values


‘We are a community that promotes a positive, respectful and engaging learning environment. Together we support each other to be responsible for our actions and to aspire to be our best.’



Our values are the basis for our expected behaviour matrix. This matrix outlines the behaviours that are expected to be demonstrated by students for each value in different settings around the school. Most expectations also include a character strength which support the values and expectations.

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The settings are: All areas, Learning spaces, Playground, Moving around the school, Use of ICT, Assembly, Toilets. The matrix is displayed throughout the school via individual area posters.








Great Ryrie Primary School has a commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse. Our school shares this commitment openly and transparently with all members of the school community, including staff (which includes school employees, contractors and volunteers) parents and families. Everyone in our school has a role to play in keeping children safe from child abuse. Great Ryrie Primary School has a range of policies and documents which both directly and indirectly support our commitment to Child safety, which include:

Great Ryrie Primary is a Child Safe School

​Great Ryrie Primary School Child Safe & Code of Conduct Policy

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