Education Week 17th - 21st May, 2021

Great Ryrie Primary School are excited to invite prospective 2022 foundation parents to attend one of our information sessions followed by a school tour during Education Week to discover why we are so proud of our school.

Book your Information Session & School Tour HERE! 

Foundation 2022 Parent Information Sessions;
Tuesday 11th May 7:00PM
Friday 14th May 9:15AM 

Followed by a school tour ran by the Principal each day during Education Week 17th - 20th May.

Education Week School Tour with the Principal;
Monday 17th May at 9:30AM
Tuesaday 18th May at 11:30AM
Wednesday 19th May at 2:30AM
Thursday 20th May at 4:30PM

Please contact the office regarding future enrolments 03 9870 6098.

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