Selamat Datang – Welcome.

The 2017 Victorian Curriculum expects students to learn another language through socialising, informing, creating, translating, reflecting and understanding. Lessons include each of these areas and Intercultural Language Learning, which means, teaching a language through culture.

The main topic in 2017 for term 1 is ‘Badan’ (The Body). Foundation students will learn vocabulary for parts of the face as well as for colours, greetings and numbers to 5. Years 1&2 students will listen to and speak short sentences using familiar and new vocabulary. Years 3&4 students will extend their language learning to include role-plays, for example ‘Di dokter’ (At the doctor’s). They also count beyond 20. Years 5&6 students will revise all the language from foundation to 34’s and include more reading and writing in short paragraphs.

Term 2 topic is Barang-barang (Objects), term 3 is Binatang-binatang (Animals) and term 4 is Perasaan-perasaan (Feelings).

Throughout the year Language speaking competitions, incursions and excursions to Heathmont Secondary College will be facilitated through the Indonesian Program. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ibu Breen (Indonesian Language Teacher) for more details.

Congratulations to the 2017 Indonesian Captains-Raya Avaryon and Zahra Zoha.