Student Wellbeing

Great Ryrie Primary School, wellbeing of all students, teachers and community members is a high priority. We believe that building positive relationships between all members of the community is our top priority. Relationships are all founded on our agreed values, that were chosen after much consultation with the school community and the student body having the final say in making the descriptions user friendly to all.


Understanding and Acceptance                                                                         Understanding and acceptance of yourself and others in our multicultural community.

Individuality                                                                                                                                    Positive attitude towards school and making it a fun, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Responsibility                                                                                                                          Responsibility to be in control of our learning and our actions towards ourselves, others and the environment.

Individuality                                                                                                                       Individuality to be yourself and have confidence to know you can ‘have a go’ and achieve your personal best.

Respect                                                                                                                          Respect by showing care and compassion for ourselves, others and the environment.

Learning                                                                                                                      Learning so we have the knowledge to make choices and show independence.

Collaboration                                                                                                      Collaboration with the whole community so that we understand that we’re all in this together.

Honesty and Integrity                                                                                                Honesty and integrity to seek the truth and ‘walk the talk’ in all our actions.        

Our school runs the Restorative Practices model which is based on developing positive relationships and if something goes wrong we believe that it has damaged the relationship rather than broken a rule and it needs to be worked through with appropriate consequences and include all the parties involved. We use Restorative Chats where all concerned meet together and come to agreed solutions.

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