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Great Ryrie Primary School


Porridge PosterThursday 24th and Friday 25th of October, 2019

George Woods Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar 

We are the Performing Arts team. Our names are:

@Peta Murray and Jess SymeJess Syme1





We teach and coordinate the Performing Arts Program at Great Ryrie. Helen teaches Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Peta teaches Foundation, Years 1, 2, 5 and 6.  Performing Arts is a combination of Music, Drama and Dance. Students learn concepts from these 3 areas in their weekly lessons.

All students in years 1 – 6 learn the recorder. Learning the recorder will assist children enormously in developing the ability to read music, which is very beneficial if they learn another instrument in or out of school as well as later in life.  There have been many studies conducted that support learning an instrument is also beneficial to children’s academic progress. Following is a list of equipment needed to run this program. Students will be required to bring this equipment to their music lessons each week. These items are available through the school at a cheaper price than you would pay through retail outlets.

  • Recorder – the one available through the school is the Yamaha Descant Recorder.
  • Recorder Cleaner
  • Recorder Book – the book that we will be using is called ‘Black Belt Recorder’ – Book 1.
  • Music bag to keep recorder, sheet music and recorder book together.
  • An A4 display folder – this will be used to keep additional photocopied music.  

Students at Great Ryrie Primary School also have the opportunity to learn another musical instrument privately in school time. Further information on these lessons is available from the office and is detailed below. There is a variety of extension Performing Arts Groups available for students to join. These include Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, Junior Choir, Intermediate Choir, Senior Vocal Group and Senior Dance Group.


Choir Leader: Miss Jessica Rose

Junior Choir is for students in Years 1 & 2. Junior Choir meets in the library at lunchtime and will be beginning in the next few weeks. This is a free activity that all junior students are welcome to attend.


Choir Leader: Miss Jess Syme

Intermediate Choir is for students in Years 3 & 4. Intermediate Choir meets each Friday at 1pm (lunchtime) in the Performing Arts room. This is a free activity that all intermediate students are welcome to attend.


Choir Leader: Mrs Peta Murray

Senior Vocal Group is for students in year 5 & 6. Senior Vocal Group meets each Wednesday at 2.30pm in the Performing Arts Room.


Leader: Mrs Peta Murray

Dance Group is for students in years 5 & 6. Dance Group meets every Monday at 1pm (lunchtime) in the Performing Arts room.


Leader: Mr Julian Dobric and assisted by Mrs Peta Murray

Junior Orchestra is for any student in their first few years of learning an instrument. This is our “beginners” orchestra, where the students are taught to play as an ensemble. Students are taught to read and play simple arrangements and are often invited to perform at assemblies and school events.


Leader: Mr Julian Dobric and assisted by Mrs Peta Murray

Senior Orchestra is our orchestra for those students with a few years of experience under their belts. Arrangements are more complex than those taught in Junior Orchestra and students are given the opportunity to regularly perform at school assemblies and other school events.

Peta Murray and Jessica Syme.