Job Vacancies

From time to time we may have job vacancies avaiable in Teaching, Classroom Support or Office Support.

Go to the hyperlink below to find out about the latest job vacancies for Great Ryrie Primary School.

All applications should be made online (through Recruitment Online) unless otherwise indicated.

Applicants must have a resume online and have applied through the online process to be appointed to a position.

Prospective Staff

Great Ryrie Primary School holds a good name in the local community. Our mission statement, is to provide a supportive and engaging environment which enables students to develop the emotional, social, physical and academic skills to adapt to and contribute positively to, an ever changing world.  It is a caring and welcoming environment where we cater for the needs of students with many extra curricula activities and we celebrate diversity. The school is centrally located in the suburb of Heathmont, some 20 kilometres east of Melbourne and has an enrolment of 530 children from prep to year 6.

Our school is committed to developing positive relationships following the Restorative Practices model. We believe that if students have positive relationships in the school environment then they can focus on their daily learning. We have worked to develop and maintain a Performance and Development Culture where staff learn from each other and utilise team planning and a collaborative approach to achieve desired outcomes for students.

The school provides a sequential seven year integrated education program in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The staff comprises the equivalent of 31, full-time, teaching staff, including specialists in Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, Indonesian, Reading Recovery and English as a Second Language. 

Our computer network provides all classrooms with access to multi-media programs, internet and library software, to enable staff and students to efficiently access and utilise information. Interactive whiteboards are installed throughout the school. Students have weekly access to a well-resourced library and a ICT lab of 30 desktop computers. Two banks of 24 laptops are utilised by the students at Level 3&4 and every classroom has four fully networked desktop computers for student use.

The school council and its subcommittees form a productive and harmonious group with a commitment to education.  Parent support is pivotal to the many extra-curricular and core programs that we offer and is provided in many ways including working bees, classroom helpers, newsletter production, excursions and sporting activities. 

Our staff work in collaborative teams organised around multi-age classes that fit the Victorian Essential Learning Standards levels.  Teachers team teach and take on professional development programs that ensure we have a whole school approach to learning and teaching.  We are very proud of our school and look forward to further developing our facilities and programs to meet the educational needs of our students.