Deadlines for Excursions:

At Great Ryrie Primary School our aim is that every child will attend every excursion.  However, if notices are returned late it is often not possible to facilitate your child participating and they have to miss out.  Please pay close attention to excursion notices and deadlines!  If finances are a problem and you simply cannot afford to meet the costs, contact the principal or talk to the team at the office.  In many cases, we can make confidential arrangements to waive or reduce the charge, or to work out a special payment plan.

Late Notices & Permission Forms:

There is little leeway in deadlines for most permission forms and activities organized through the school.  While it is sometimes possible to extend the deadline for one or two students, this is not always the case and becomes increasingly difficult where more than just a few students are involved, particularly as the event draws closer. 

In most cases families are given three weeks’ notice before the event and two clear weeks to get payment and permission forms into their teacher.  Students are reminded daily in the four days leading up to the deadline and reminders are placed in the school newsletter. 

Whenever there are exceptional circumstances we try to make exemptions so that students do not miss out, however we rely on families and children to get their forms in on time in order for us to ensure that each activity is fully planned, well in time before the activity goes ahead. 

Re-organizing an activity for one or two students can take as little as 30-45 minutes of time, involving work between three or four staff members.  Re-organizing for ten to forty students can take as much as a half day to one full day of time and can involve as many as five to ten staff members.

Often re-organizing for one or two students, wanting to put their forms in late, is not possible on the day before, or indeed the day of the activity.  In most cases however, we can make alternative arrangements if we receive a phone call on the day the notice is due or in some cases even the day after!