At Great Ryrie, we believe that it is important for students to attend school on a regular basis to ensure that they can achieve their academic potential.  The messages that we have been giving to the students are that, ‘It’s Cool To Be At School’, ‘It’s Not Great To Be Late’ and ‘It’s Not Okay To Be Away’! 

We ask that parents support us with delivering the message at home . If you are having difficulties with your children coming to school due to circumstances at home please come and see us, as we may be able to help.

Research has identified that excessive absenteeism, regardless of its nature, will eventually impede a student’s ability to reach his or her academic potential.  It has been calculated that if students miss as little as eight days in a school term, by the end of primary school they will have missed a year of education!  Regular school attendance will help your children to succeed in later life. 

Attending school every day makes learning easier for a child and helps children to build and maintain friendships with other children.  If your child doesn’t learn the basic skills in the early years of school, they may develop learning problems in later years as key foundation knowledge is missed. This is especially critical in mathematics and literacy. 

According to the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 a child must attend school until the compulsory school age of 17.  While schools are required to monitor and identify student absences, and notify parents regarding unsatisfactory school attendance, making sure children attend school is a parental responsibility.  This is a legal responsibility. 

If your child has to be away from school it is only the Principal that can authorise or approve that absence. Parents cannot authorise it themselves. Any absence from school needs to be avoided whenever possible, as it can have a serious effect on a child’s education and development. It is only in an exceptional circumstance that a Principal has the legal authority to grant leave of absence for a child during the school year.