Year 3 & 4


Welcome to years 3 & 4. We hope you have all had a rested break and are ready for 2016! In years 3 & 4 we believe in students progressing to become independent learners. They will be immersed in many hand on activities and focus on team building and within their investigative units each term. This year, the students will be looking forward to their first over night camp experience. What an eventful year!


Term 1 is a school hat term. All students must have a full brimmed hat. They are currently sold at the uniform shop. We also encourage students to wear sunscreen to school if and when necessary.

What’s happening….

In the next few weeks students will be making discoveries about the ways in which they ‘belong’ They will be thinking about how they belong in their family, school and local sporting or hobby community. We will be taking a trip to ACMI this term to look at the various communities and how they inspire our identities.

What’s been happening….

The year has started really well with all students very enthusiastic to begin their learning experience. We have been making discoveries about our school values and getting to know each other. This week, we will start our new reading workshops.


We do recommend all students to complete homework in a weekly basis. For the first 3 weeks of term one, students are encouraged to bring an ‘identity bag’ along to school with a few items that symbolise who they are. The homework grid will commence from the 15th Feb.

 Here is the homework sheet for Term 1, enjoy!

homework term 1 2016


Our term 1 newsletter is available for your reading. Click on the link below!

Great Ryrie term 1 2016


Important dates and events this term

To access important dates and events, visit the Calendar here.