Years 1&2



The students are involved in activities that will help them to gain more knowledge about how to improve their own writing. As well as focusing on the genre-specific writing features, they are encouraged to always focus on four core targets – Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (V.C.O.P) – as a way of improving all of the writing they do.


In class students will learn the skills that will help them to be the best writers they can be and then every fortnight, the students will be given a dedicated 40 minute writing session (Friday). During the writing session, the classroom environment will be calm with soothing music, no fluorescent lights, no talking and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.


Every fortnight you will be sent a note with the topic for the upcoming Big Write. Your child will need to talk about his/her ideas and opinions with as many family members as possible. Your child would love to hear your opinions and ideas as well.  Please remember to use the ‘because’ word and remind your child to do the same. That way when they write they will have so many ideas and will be able to use a connective like ‘because’ to make their ideas really valuable.