The Great Ryrie Way

Our Mission Statement: To provide a supportive and engaging environment which enables students to develop the emotional, social, physical and academic skills to adapt and contribute positively to an ever changing world!

These ‘Theories of Action’ help define the school we are!


Supportive environment

If we have staff collaboration, we will have higher staff morale and shared staff expertise.

If we follow our Student Engagement Policy, the result will be that our students know that we care and well-being will be improved.


Engaging environment

If our classrooms provide for quality programs, our students will become engaged in their learning and we will develop and extend the whole child.


Emotional, social, physical and academic skills

If we offer diverse opportunities, then gifted students will be catered for.

If we provide opportunities to showcase skills, students will pursue their talents regardless of gender.

If we provide specialized programs to meet the needs of all our students, students and parents will understand that we value the diversity of our community.

If we know our students through the use of a variety of assessment information, then we will personalize student learning.

If we use high quality teaching strategies, we will inspire and enable students to do their best and achieve their full potential.


Adapt to an ever changing world

If we promote sustainable programs, then sustainable practices will be embedded throughout the school and beyond.

If we use ICT as a teaching and learning tool, our students will be prepared for the digital world.


Contribute positively to an ever changing world

If we offer leadership opportunities, then our students will develop their leadership skills and become responsible citizens.


Our ‘Theories of Action’ underpin what we do and explain why we do things the way that we do them at Great Ryrie.