1.     Encourages a range of activities undertaken in the child’s home environment to assist their lifelong learning.

2.      Provides opportunities for families to participate in their child’s education.

3.      Encourages the child to use a greater range of resources other than those provided at school.

4.      Supports the learning that takes place at school.

5.     Develops a link between home and school and acknowledges the importance of working together.


Homework will:

1.      Support the learning that takes place at school.

2.      Respect the diversity within families and their cultural, personal, time and economical needs.

3.      Be flexible and provide for a range of choices that cater for different learning styles and personal interests.

4.      Be appropriate for the Level and ability of the students.

5.      Have a clear purpose which is communicated to students and home.

6.      Be designed so that students are able to complete it without causing stress to the family.

7.      Reinforce the development of life skills, including self-responsibility.

8.      Be consistent amongst each level. Minimum expectations will be outlined at the start of each new year.

9.      Allow students to pursue other interests and learning experiences and be of a reasonable length of time.

10. Be recommended but not compulsory

11. Be interesting, challenging and when appropriate open ended.

12. Be assessed by teachers with feedback and support provided

Review Date: 2015