Out of School Hours Care

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Before and After School Care, as well as Vacation Care is provided onsite by Camp Australia.  Bookings are arranged by contacting Camp Australia on 1300 105 343 or via their website.

School Days 7:00-8:45am and 3:30-6:15pm

Holidays 7:00am-6:15pm

Collecting your child from the program

If someone other then the regular person is to collect your child, please contact the program and let us know.  We are not allowed to let a child leave the program with anyone else unless authorised by Parents/Guardians to do so.  Also ensure that the person has ID with them to confirm that they are the authorised person.

If you need to make an emergency booking on the day, please also inform the school office so that they can tell your children to come to After Care!


If your child is absent from school for any reason and you have booked them into After School Care, please remember that you must cancel them from the Program.  You can do this on-line or contact  the program and leave a voice or text message.

If you have your child booked in and they are not attending, you must make the cancellation.  We need to have confirmation from parents that that children will not be attending

Coordinators – Shirin Bayat & Hayden Plemming

Program Phone: 0426 707 254

Camp Australia Head Office – 1300 105 343

Website: www.campaustralia.com.au

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