We would like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support

Sponsorship Policy­

BENDIGO COMMUNITY BANK (Heathmont & East Ringwood Branches)

sponsor our school and along with Student Banking donate the following commissions to us for services referred through the school…

$400 for a Bendigo home loan greater than $250,000

$200 for a Bendigo home loan less than $250,000

$50   for a Bendigo equipment finance loan

$50   for a Bendigo personal loan

$20 for Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Maroondah Community Enterprises Ltd newsletter May 2016

Referral Fees Sheet

Save $600 advert

We rate our home loans


kindly donate all the wonderful costumes we use for school events.

33 High Street Glen Iris, 9885 4714


donate many beauty products and vouchers for our school fundraising activities.

41B Great Ryrie St Ringwood, 9870 6766

Thank You!

It has been a very busy year for fundraising and we thank everyone who has supported our BBQs, cake stalls, our Mothers‟ Day stall and special thanks to the sponsors of our 2016 Fete: “A Festival Of Colour‟:

The following have provided free services, donations or discounts to Great Ryrie Primary School’s Festival of Colour.

Brian Lake

Beauty on Ryrie www.beautyonryrie.com.au,

Healthybake Bakery, Lilydale www.healthybake.com.au

Maroondah Leisure Facilities www.maroondahleisure.com.au

Noel Jones Blackburn www.noeljones.com.au/offices/blackburn

Camp Australia www.campaustralia.com.au

Michael Sukkar, MP www.michaelsukkar.com.au

Temptation Bakeries temptation.com.au

Priceline Pharmacy, Heathmont www.priceline.com.au

Heathmont Farmers Market www.rfm.net.au

Active Feet www.activefeet.com.au

Studio Glo Personal Training www.studioglo.com.au

Lunar Drive In www.lunardrivein.com.au

All Smiles Restaurant, Sorrento www.allsmiles.com.au 

Myuna Farm www.facebook.com/MyunaFarm

Canopy Outdoor www.canopyoutdoor.com.au

Ringwood Redbacks FC www.ringwoodfc.com.au

Amazing Transformations www.amazingtransformations.com.au

Andrea’s A.C.E. Driving Academy www.andreasacedrivigacademy.biz

Olivigna www.olivigna.com.au

Alba Day Spa albadayspa.com.au

Triple ACE Tennis Coaching www.tripleacetennis.com

Heathmont Meat & Poultry www.facebook.com/pages/Heathmont-Meat-Poultry/331971497440

Heathmont Honey, www.heathmonthoney.com.au

Heathmont Hairdressing www.facebook.com/pages/Heathmont-Hairdressing-For-Men-Ladies/223189454411023?fref=ts

Pet Stock www.petstock.com.au

Bouffant Hair Design www.bouffanthairdesign.com.au

Heathmont Flowers www.heathmontflowers.com.au

Anton’s Fresh Grocery www.facebook.com/AntonsFreshGrocery

Chinese Museum www.chinesemuseum.com.au

Moose Toys, www.mooseworld.com.au

The Head Shed, Heathmont

Vanilla Pod Café, www.vanillapodcafe.com.au

Heathmont Newsagency

PCC Herbs www.ppcherbs.com.au

Barclay’s Café www.barclayscafe.com.au

Crumbles Bakehouse, Heathmont

CRK Ladies Wear, Heathmont

Pancake Parlour, Eastland www.pancakeparlour.com

Woody’s Bakehouse www.facebook.com/pages/Woodys-Heathmont-Bakehouse/392593397502481

Dan Murphy’s www.danmurphys.com.au

Maroondah Printing www.maroondahprinting.com.au

Eastern Electronics, Ringwood

Aussie Farmers www.aussiefarmers.com.au

Heathmont Jets FC www.heathmontjets.com

Arty Party www.facebook.com/pages/Heathmont-Arty-Party

Direcfresh Meat Supply, Bayswater

Twocan Print twocanprint.com.au