Welcome back to school for Term 3!
The school grounds are looking great with extensive garden works carried out over the vacation break. Thank you to all those families who have paid the voluntary Grounds Levy!

Unfortunately due to required foundation and drainage rectifications in the Office area, the department has also been in to remove five of our beautiful trees. It is good to see the benefits of our garden works in other areas of the school however! Looking forward to a new and fresh look in Term 3, 2016!

Semester One Mid Year Reports are Now Available in Compass for all classes except for 12C, whose reports will be completed and accessible early in Term 3. The Semester Written Reports at the end of Term 2 and Term 4, form one part of the Assessment and Reporting process at Great Ryrie Primary School. Alongside the 3-Way Conferences held in Terms 1 and 3 and the Portfolios sent home each term, these written reports are intended to help inform parents of their child’s progress at school. If you have any concerns or queries in relation to your child’s Mid-Year Report for 2016, do not hesitate to contact their teacher before the end of term or early next term.

Hoping you have had a safe and enjoyable school break!

 School office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm each school day.

 Our Mission Statement: To provide a supportive and engaging environment which enables students to develop the emotional, social, physical and academic skills to adapt and contribute positively to an ever changing world! 


At Great Ryrie Primary School we aim to help our students develop lively, inquiring minds, a love of learning and a willingness to apply effort to worthwhile tasks.

Our school ethos is based on the values of Collaboration; Honesty, Integrity, Individuality, Learning, Respect, Responsibility and a Positive Attitude.  We believe the key to student wellbeing lies in building strong relationships across the school, and these values form the basis of all our relationships.

We have a culturally diverse school community and we celebrate differences. We treat every child as an individual and aim to identify and meet the learning needs of each student.

School Philosophy Statement

Our ‘Theories of Action’ help define the school we are!

2016 Information Book

Principal: Doug Elliott

51A Great Ryrie Street, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia

Telephone: (03) 9870 6098

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